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How We Protect You

Guy DiMartino Oct. 14, 2021

If you've been injured in an accident, as a client of Guy DiMartino Law here is how we will protect you .

We Will Work to Stop Collection Calls and Harassment

You've been injured in an accident, which wasn't your fault. You went to hospital, and you have to continue seeing doctors. Two weeks after the accident, you start getting collection notices and calls from your healthcare providers. We will work to stop these collection activities so you can focus on recovery from your injuries.

Our Fee Will Never Exceed the Money that You Take Home

The typical fee agreement in a personal injury matter is a 1/3 contingency fee, which means the lawyer does not get paid unless there is a recovery. In many contingency fee agreements, attorney's fees are calculated from the gross amount of the settlement before expenses and medical bills are paid. In some cases, because of a number of factors, the attorney's fees can exceed the amount of money the injured person takes home. As a client of Guy DiMartino Law this will never happen to you. We will never take home more money than you.

We Will Return Your Phone Calls or Emails Within 24 Hours

Being in an accident is stressful enough. Throughout the nation, a big complaint that clients have with their attorneys is that they do not return calls or communicate quickly enough. We pledge that you have direct access to your lawyer's cell phone and you will receive a response to an inquiry within 24 hours.