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How Road Defects Can Cause Bicycle Accidents

Guy DiMartino Aug. 28, 2018

There are a variety of dangers faced by bicyclists including defects on the road. While motor vehicle operators are at a risk of being seriously injured in accidents, the risk of serious injuries greatly increases on bicycles because riders do not have nearly as much protection when accidents happen. Many roads conditions result in a large number of serious injuries and fatalities among bicyclists each year. While there are not any safety precautions to eliminate the risk of these accidents, it helps to obtain the assistance of a skilled bicycle accident attorney. It can also greatly benefit bicyclists to understand the various ways in which road defects can lead to bicycle accidents.

Accident Type # 1 – Potholes

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Be wary of the pedestrians on public bicycle paths in Florida.

Given their prevalence and difficulty to remove, potholes are one of the most dangerous types of road conditions faced by bicyclists. Bicyclists who ride through potholes can end up facing tire punctures which cause the rider to lose control of the bicycle. In some cases, potholes can even cause riders to be thrown from a bike. The best way for bicyclists to respond to potholes is riding around them, which can be very difficult and even impossible to do on crowded roads. The best way for bicyclists to react if a pothole cannot be avoided is to bunny hop, which involves slightly raising the bicycle off the ground just long enough to jump over the pothole. This technique, however, can be particularly complicated, which is why bicyclists should first attempt to learn how to perform this maneuver on a flat surface.

Accident Type # 2 – Railroad Tracks

Limited in number, railroad tracks are difficult to avoid but in many situations, are easy to avoid. If a bicyclist must cross railroad tracks, it helps to know how to approach and pass over them. The best way to respond is to slow down while approaching railroad tracks. In some cases, railroad tracks can puncture a bicycle’s tires which can result in serious accident, which is why bicyclists should always cross them at right angles. This maneuver is important because approaching railroad tracks at an angle can cause a bicycle’s tires to become twisted and quickly lead to an accident.

Accident Type # 3 – Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces are unpredictable can result in deadly accidents. One of the risks of uneven surfaces is that they are difficult to predict and often come without adequate warning. The best way to travel across rough surfaces is to stand up slightly which lowers your center of gravity and then use your arms and legs to absorb the shock. Many people who frequently travel on rough surfaces also find it beneficial to replace average bicycle tires with wider ones.

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