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How Long Does It Take to Get Settlement Money in Personal Injury Case?

Guy DiMartino Oct. 5, 2015

A common question I get from clients when they're about to settle their case is when will I get my settlement check? The answer is, It Depends. If it's a straightforward claim, then it usually takes about 30 days

On the other hand if their are liens that have to be negotiated with health insurers, the hospital, or doctors the process can take much longer. In the past, I've had clients pressing me to disperse their funds when they're final lien with the health care providers have not yet been settled. Being in a hurry can sometimes cost clients thousands of dollars.

When Medicare is involved the settlement disbursement may take upwards of sixty days because we cannot request a final repayment demand from Medicare until the case is resolved and we have all the figures at our disposal. Once Medicare receives the information, it can take between 45 and 60 days to get the Medicare repayment demand.

So in conclusion it's safe to say that you will receive your settlement check within a month unless Medicare are other matters complicate the settlement.