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How Do You Prove Your Indiana Trip and Fall?

Guy DiMartino Oct. 22, 2015

You were walking in a shopping center and you tripped and fell because the walkway was broken and you may have some concerns about your recovery. You may be wondering:

  • How you will prove the property owner was responsible for your fall?

  • How you will prove what your injuries really did to you?

These things may seem insurmountable, but it is possible to prove liability and the amount of damages in a fall accident.


As you begin to build your fall down case, there are different types of witnesses that can help prove your case. Here are the witnesses that you may want to consider:

Eyewitnesses: folks who witnessed your fall or came upon the scene shortly after can provide important evidence about the fall, the scene and any statements made by the property owner or his employees.

Medical experts. Your family doctor or specialist may be able to testify or provide written evidence about the specific injuries you sustained and how your injuries will impact you in the future.

Property experts. Depending on the facts of the case, and they type of dangerous condition we are trying to provide, we could use architects, engineers, paint experts, contractors, builders, property inspectors, and others with the professional knowledge of how the property should been, built, kept and maintained. For example, if a handrail broke while you were climbing a flight of stars, then an engineer, contractor or property inspector could tell us, a judge or a jury, why the handrail broke.

Every case stands or falls on the specific facts of the event. There may not have been anyone around to see the incident so you do not have an eyewitness, but you still may be able to prove your case through expert witness testimony.

The One Truth for All Slip and Fall Victims

Eyewitnesses and expert witnesses may help prove your claim, but the truth is that personal injury claims are always about you. The type of person that you were before the incident compared to the type of person you are now is the most important part of your case. With this understanding, it is important that you take all the necessary steps to protect your right to make a claim, fight for your physical recovery, and to make the most of your future.