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How Do You Maximize Your Indiana Car Accident Settlement?

Guy DiMartino May 7, 2021

Hi, I'm Guy DiMartino. I am a Northwest Indiana personal injury lawyer. And I'm going to answer that question for you.

The best way to maximize your personal injury or car accident settlement is to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that car accident victims make.

Giving a Recorded Statement to The Other Driver's Insurance Company

For instance, the other driver's insurance company lull's them into given a recorded statement and in the statement, the car accident victim gives too much information, misstates an important fact, or plays down their injuries. Car accident claims are all about credibility, so embellishing about your injuries or downplaying your injuries can hurt the claim. You are under no duty to allow the other driver's insurance company to record you, so don't do it. I have never seen the value of a car crash claim go up because someone gave a statement.

Failing to Follow Your Doctor's Advice

You must follow your doctor's advice and if you can't follow his/her advice, make sure the reason for not following the recommendation is documented. If the doctor says “go to physical therapy” Go. If the physical therapist recommends three times a week, but you can only make it two times a week, make sure explain why you can only go two times per week. If for some reason you have to miss a week or two, provide a reason. If somebody passed away in your family, make sure that that is documented in the record.

Taking Off of Work

If you take off of work, make sure that you have a note and you have support from your healthcare provider. If there is nothing in the record regarding taking off of work, it will be much more difficult to get reimbursed for your wage loss.

These Are the Things that You Need to Do to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement:

  • No gaps in treatment

  • Follow doctor's advice

  • Don't give too much information to the insurance company

  • Do not underestimate your injuries

  • Do not exaggerate your injuries.

If you have any questions regarding how to maximize your car accident claim, you can always reach out to me. I'm Guy, DiMartino meeting you at the intersection of law and medicine.