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How Do You Handle that Dog Chasing Your Bike in Indiana?

Guy DiMartino Aug. 31, 2018

It happened to me a dozen years ago, I was on my bike on a rural road in Michigan and the next thing I know, a dog is on the right side of my bike. The dog jumps, pushes my bike over, and the next thing I realize I'm sliding down the road. I don't remember the surface area of my road rash today, but I remember my wounds sticking to the bed sheets for weeks.

Nothing sucks more than a loose dog on you when your riding your bike. Below I'm going to share some tips that will hopefully protect you and the dog from severe or life threatening injuries.

Assess the Situation

First you need to assess the situation. Does the dog look like he is playing or is his tail down, hair up and foaming at the mouth. Many dogs are just protecting their property and they will run along side you, parallel to you, until you get past their property.

Can You Outride the Dog?

If the dog is coming up behind you and you think you can step up your speed and get past the danger, do it. You have to make a split second decision because hesitation can allow you or the dog to be injury.

Tell the Dog to Go Home

Next, you may also sternly look at the dog and tell them in a loud voice to go home. You may say to yourself, "really". Yes - "really" many times a change in your voice will change the dog's state and he will retreat.

You are unable to avoid the interaction with the dog.

You've assessed the situation and you can't outride the dog, and he just gets madder when you tell him to go home. There is no avoiding the incident . Jump off your bike and put you bike between you and the dog as a barrier.

Dog Repellants

Finally, some folks carry maze or other repellants. If it is handy and you are sure that you are not down wind and there is no other option, carefully use the repellant.You don't want in blowing up in your face and the repellant causing you to crash. If the dog is mean, sometimes repellants just make them meaner.

Final Thoughts

There is one thing that I can guarantee you.If you ride your bike often, you will at some point have to deal with a dog chasing you. Remember to keep your cool, access the situation, and possibly use one of these tips. If you think about how you respond beforehand, hopefully you will not panic and the only thing that will happen is your heart rate will elevate and you will have a great story to tell your family or friends.