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Guy DiMartino
March 11, 2015

I received a phone call from a woman the other day who was injured in a car accident. She had a great question. She said Guy – I see all these ads about how lawyers can protect my rights – what's that all about?

I can't make this stuff up. The fact is that insurance companies dupe a lot of people injured in car accidents into doing or saying something that jeopardizes their Indiana personal injury claim.

You may be saying to yourself, how are people duped? Here is one way that happens pretty frequently.

A guy involved in a car crash is at the body shop about three days after the accident. The insurance adjuster meets him there to estimate the vehicle. After the estimate, the adjuster starts talking to the guy about settling his injury claim.

The adjuster offers the guy a couple of grand, which seemed like a lot of money at that time because the guy was not hurting that badly and he figured the condition would clear up in a week or so. The guy signs a release and the adjuster gives him a check right then and there.

The next week, the guy's arm starts to go numb, he goes to the doctor and learns that he needs to have surgery because of the injury.

Now the guy calls me to see if he could get some help to undue the settlement. I explained that a release was contract with the insurance company so in order to void the release we would have to void the contract.

I asked him – did you know you were signing the release? he said yes, I thought I was going to be okay. I asked him a follow-up question, were you coerced into signing the release? He said no. I explained that I couldn't help him. Once he signed the release, the claim was over.

This brings me back to the answer to the initial question. The biggest thing lawyers do to protect injury victims rights is direct them through the process and make sure they do not mess up their claims by what they say or do.

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