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Follow These 3 Safety Tips when Biking Around Michigan City This Summer

Guy DiMartino June 10, 2020

The weather has been pretty good since Memorial Day and now that folks are getting out, and out of staters are coming to our beaches there is a lot of traffic on Lakeshore drive in Michigan City, Long Beach, and Michiana Shores. When I'm on my bike, which is practically every day, if I don't hit the road at 6:00 a.m., I'm constantly dodging other bikes, cars, and dog walkers on Lakeshore Drive. I recommend that you follow these 3 safety tips so your not injured:

3 bike safety tips

  1. Always ride with the flow of traffic. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, when vehicles are coming up behind you, they can see you from a further distance away. Second, if you are riding against the traffic both you and other vehicle have less reaction time. If a car is driving at 30 mph and you are traveling towards that car at 15 mph you both have less time to react than if you are traveling in the same direction as the vehicle.

  2. Don't ride your bikes on sidewalks. It can be difficult when you come to intersections and cause issues with vehicles in the intersection. It also can be dangerous with vehicles pulling out of driveways, shopping centers, alleys or side streets.

  3. If you are riding at dawn or dusk be sure to have some type of reflective material on your bike or yourself. These times of the day are difficult for drivers with depth perception issues and they just won't see you.

I hope you enjoy the summer. Get on your bike and get in your miles it is good for your heart and good for brain. If you ever have any questions about an incident that happened when you are biking, you can alway reach out to me.