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Florida Car Accident Lawyer | Can we still settle your case while jury is deliberating?

April 8, 2014

Florida car accident lawyer explains that a car accident case can still be settled while the jury is out deliberating.

Your Jury is out deliberating and the defense lawyer calls your lawyer over and tries to discuss settlement, they lawyer sends over a number that you can live with, can you still settle your case while the jury is making a decision?

This happens more than you would think. The parties go through trial, call their witnesses, close and the judge instructs the jury. The jury starts deliberating and the parties start to discuss settlement. The number the insurance company offers is something that you want to accept – are you allowed to accept the settlement even though the jury is deliberating? Yes, you’re allowed to accept the settlement offer. If you decide to accept the settlement offer, the will let the court deputy know, the court deputy will let the judge know. The judge will come into the courtroom. Some judges will ask that the parties put the settlement on the court record – others will not.

The judge will call the jury in and tell them that the parties have reached an agreement. Some jurors will feel like they missed out -others will be happy that they did not have to make the final decision. The Judge will thank the jurors explain that the it was their participation that allowed the case to be resolved. Your case is now settled and at least it was your decision as opposed to leaving it up to strangers.

I share this information with you to let you know this does happen. It has happened to me on a few occasions. If you have any questions, give me a call on my cell at 352-267-9168