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Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

LaPorte County personal injury lawyer discusses a recent accident on the Indiana toll road.

Interstate 94 and the Indiana Toll Road are the crossroads of America. People who are driving across the country have to travel through Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties. Because of the volume of traffic drivers must be diligent, pay attention drive carefully.On June 8th five people were injured on the Toll Road in Chesterton. According to the Post-Tribune a vehicle driven by a Utah resident was traveling eastbound on I-80 when he lost control of the vehicle, cross into the median and struck a westbound car. One of the most common mistakes that drivers make when they either veer off of the road or doze off is to over-correct the steering wheel. When a driver over-corrects they lose control of the steering and cannot maintain control over the vehicle. When driving high speed on our Indiana Highways it is important to drive safely and pay attention because an accident can impact many lives.