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Filing a Claim with USAA: United Services Automobile Association

Nov. 3, 2013

Leesburg Florida Car Accident Lawyer Discusses His Experiences in Filing Claims with USAA: United Services Automobile Association Insurance.

USAA is an insurance company based in San Antonio, Texas that writes policies to a select group of holders. In order to purchase a USAA policy, you have to have some contact with the military. The insured is either in the military or has a family member with military ties. USAA offers competitive rates because its underwriting guidelines are strict. Generally, military personnel are good insurance risks because they have more discipline than the general public.

Resolution of USAA Car Accident Cases

USAA’s main Florida office is located in Tampa. If you have ever been there, you would think it is very similar to military installation. Before you can enter the compound, you have to go through outside security and once you enter the building you again have to go through security. USAA also has small claims office in other areas of Florida.

USAA is said to use a computer based claims management software to determine car accident settlement ranges; however, we are unable to make a blanket statement regarding USAA’s claims practices because the adjusters seem to have greater latitude when settling claims when compared to Allstate or Farmers. As a general rule, USAA is better to deal with than a majority of automobile insurance carriers.

Dealing with USAA After a Car Accident Lawsuit Has Been Filed

USAA has toyed with the idea of going in-house on occasions. At times, we have seen in-house counsel office and then we see private attorneys. Generally, attorneys that are assigned to defend USAA’s drivers are competent. USAA uses a number of insurance defense firms throughout the state. As a general rule, USAA puts more money on a case after a lawsuit is filed and litigated. The reason that USAA maybe willing to put more money on cases in suit is that it does take defense attorney costs into consideration when extending a settlement offer during a lawsuit.

If you have any questions about making an auto accident claim with USAA or if you would like a free copy of my book, give me a call or fill out the internet consultation form.