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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Laporte County Pelvis or Hip Fracture

Guy DiMartino May 18, 2021

Car accident or trip and fall claims involving a fractured pelvis or broken hip are some of the most serious personal injury claims. Pelvic and/or hip fractures are known to have long term complications causing leg length differences, chronic pain, the inability to function and permanent impairment.

Insurance companies have a standard playbook when it comes to these injuries. First, they take the position that the injured person was at fault for the incident. If that doesn't work, then the second line of defense, which is there must have been some underlying condition that caused the fracture or the broken bone was present before the incident. If the second defense doesn't work, then they take the position that the condition should have healed quickly and the reason why it didn't heal quickly is that the injured person is trying to beef up their claim, they just want money.

Because pelvic fracture injuries have the potential to be high value claims, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The insurance company has lawyers on retainer to look at these claims from day one. If you speak to a lawyer, you will learn your legal rights, learn the proper course to follow, and understand the mistakes that can hurt your claim.

Common Causes of Broken Hips and Pelvic Fractures in Michigan City

Many different accidents that cause a direct force to the hip or pelvis can cause pelvic or hip fractures:

  • Trip and falls

  • Falls for heights

  • Bicycle accidents

  • Car and motorcycle accidents

  • Crush injuries

Types of Pelvic Fractures in Laporte County Accidents

Pelvic fractures come in different flavors. Pelvic fractures from trauma can be unstable and usually occur because of severe trauma. Less severe pelvic fractures are stable and may occur after a slip and fall accident or because of a degenerative disease.

An avulsion fracture in the pelvis or hip can happen in auto accidents and sports injuries. An avulsion fracture happens when there is stress to the area and the tendon pulls away from the bone taking a piece of bone along.

Symptoms of A Broken Hip or Pelvic Fracture After a Michigan City Accident

The symptoms associated with a broken hip or a pelvic fracture depend on the location, nature and extent of the fracture.

With older individuals we see fractures in the pelvic rami or hip because of sudden trauma. Hip and pelvic fractures can be unstable and require immediate medical care. Unstable fractures can injury organs in the pelvis and blood vessels in the pelvis and hip. The most common symptom that folks with hip fractures complain of is the inability to place weight on the leg, while folks with pelvic fractures complain of pain when attempting to walk, weakness and pain in the buttock, groin, and abdomen. Occasionally, folks will complain of testicular and vulva pain.

Diagnosing and Treating Hip and Pelvic Fractures in Michigan City

In many cases, fractures of the pelvis or hip bones cause tenderness, pain, and difficulty moving. Doctors take a medical history, perform an examination, and usually order diagnostic imaging, which may include regular x-rays or CT scan. Generally, doctors will not order an MRI when they believe a bone may be injured because MRIs are more sensitive for soft tissue while CT is more sensitive for bone injury.

A hip fracture usually requires surgery. Depending on the nature and extent of the fracture, nailing or fixating the bone can done. However, if the fracture impacts the femur and the acetabulum, a hip replacement may be necessary. Either way these fractures will require the injured person to be non-weight-bearing for a period of time, which could certainly impact the person's ability to work. After a period of time, rehabilitation and physical therapy will be required to regain strengthen and motion in the affected area.

Pelvic fractures can require intensive medical treatment if it is unstable and in close proximity to the digestive system or reproductive system. Pelvic fractures can cause internal bleeding, damage to internal organs, and shock if there is blood loss. An orthopedic surgeon may need to insert pins, screws, and plates to repair the broken pieces and stabilize the area. This is especially true if the sacrum or sacro-iliac joints were broken.

Settlement Value for Hip and Pelvic Fractures in Michigan City

Hip and pelvic fractures may not be as common as whiplash and spine fractures but the consequences can be devastating. One of the problems with pelvic fractures is that they may not be diagnosed initially and because of the delayed diagnose they may cause more damage to structures in the area. On the other hand, hip fractures are typically diagnosed immediately because the person will be unable to walk or put weight on the limb. An injury victim will most likely require surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and require special medical equipment including walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Additionally, the person's home may to be modified with a ramp to get in and out, and usually the bathroom will require modification including handrails, shower chairs and other healthcare aids. In a lot of cases, a person who injured their pelvis or hip in an accident, has to deal with lifetime limitations that can impact their quality and enjoyment of life and income.

The injury victim may have to deal with a lifetime of pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Depending on the severity of the injury, the person may require attendant care to help them with their activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, shopping and taking care their household chores.

  • Damages in a pelvic or hip injury claim can include:

  • Past and future medical and hospital expenses

  • Loss of income in the past and the inability to earn income in the future

  • Disfigurement or scarring

  • Chronic pain and suffering

The value of an accident claim involving a pelvic fracture or broken hip could total in the high six or seven figures depending on the nature and extent of lost income.

Our Michigan City, Indiana person injury lawyer works closely with your treating doctors and medical experts to gather evidence that details the full extent and severity of your injuries. Pursing this type of claim can be a complicated process, but we know the insurance company's playbook and we are able to obtain the evidence required to maximize your potential recovery.

If you have any questions about a Hip or Pelvic injury after a LaPorte County accident, contact Guy DiMartino Law to have your questions answers and your rights protected.