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Distracted Driving Is a Major Factor in Northwest Indiana Car Accidents

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Michigan City, Indiana car accident lawyer explains why distracted driving is a major factor in Northwest Indiana car accidents.

Receiving a driver's license is a privilege. When we operate a car on Indiana roads we should strive to be attentive and aware of our surrounds. In Indiana, distracted drivers are directly responsible for causing the majority of LaPorte, Porter and Lake county car crashes we see every day.

  • Eating/Drinking – Have you ever tried to eat that Big Mac and French fries while driving across 80-94? What happens to your attention when you drop the ketchup on the floor? What happens to your attention when the special sauce drips on your new tie?

  • Taking your eyes off the road – there are literally hundreds of other things to look at other than the road. However, doing so is inviting in a potentially dangerous distraction.

  • Commotion inside the car – if you see someone reaching back to grab something from their back seat, adjusting a car seat, grab a fallen object or trying to control a loose dog, avoid that vehicle.

  • Using a Cell Phone – Indiana has no special regulation regarding talking on the phone, which is arguably one of the most dangerous activities.

  • Texting – In 2013, Indiana banned texting while driving.

  • Adjusting the radio – We have handled many cases when the defendant driver says, I was looking down to change my radio station and when I looked up traffic stopped but I could not stop.

These and many other things have a tendency to distract drivers on Indiana roads. The problem for the injured party is sometimes they are unable to prove that the person who hit them was distracted. This is why you may need a car accident lawyer in Michigan City to represent you after a serious car accident. Indiana driver distractions come in many forms. While some distractions are unavoidable, all distractions are careless and unacceptable while driving on our roads.

Indiana car accident law is complex and most people are simply not qualified to handle an Indiana distracted driver car crash case by themselves. If you have any questions about a Northwest Indiana car accident, call our Michigan City car accident lawyer.