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Car Accident on Michigan Blvd in Michigan City

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

Michigan City, Indiana car accident lawyer discusses a recent car accident on Michigan Blvd.

The Michigan City News Dispatch reported a story of a car accident on Michigan Blvd. According to the report, a car with five people flipped over while traveling northbound on Michigan Blvd.

Caring Eyewitnesses

What is interesting about this report are the actions of bystanders that came to the aid of the people in the car. After the accident, Eric Richard, II, Daralyn Richard, and three friends who lived nearby rushed to the car to help the occupants get out of the vehicle. It appeared that the people in the car were not injured.

Our sincere thanks go out to Eric, Daralyn and their three friends for caring and doing the right thing following an accident. In our experience, many people who witness Northwest Indiana car accidents do not want to get involved.

This is the typical scenario that happens after a Michigan City car accident. A client comes into the office for some assistance because they were injured in a car accident. We ask them if there were any witnesses to the accident, and the usual answer is somebody stopped but they did give me their name or contact information because they did not want to get involved.

The Importance of A Witness Statement

For many people who have been seriously injured in car accidents, a witness statement is the only thing that will allow them to receive compensation for their injuries. We would ask the people of Michigan City and all of Northwest Indiana who witness a car accident, stop, provide assistance if necessary, and give the drivers your contact information.

We know that it may be a hassle and you “do not want to be bothered,” but your involvement may be the sole reason that a person severely injured in a Michigan City car accident receives any compensation. On the other hand, your involvement may be the only thing that helps a driver that is wrongly accused of causing a car accident defend his case and clear his name.

Ask yourself this question; If you were the person injured in an accident, would you want a witness to support your version of the events? Again, we applaud our fellow Michigan City folks who took the time out of their day and intervened to assist the occupants involved in the car accident.

If you witnessed a car accident, would you stop to render assistance? Would you stop and give the folks involved in the accident your contact information in case they need a witness?