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Burn Injuries in Northwest Indiana

Guy DiMartino Aug. 29, 2018

If you or a family member have experienced a burn injury because of the negligence of another person or company, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Here are a few things you need to know about burn injuries.

Causes of Burn Injuries in Northwest Indiana

A lot of folks think about fire when someone is burned but fire is only one cause of burns. Medically, a burn is damage to the skin, and can happen with extreme cold, extreme heat, or and or chemical exposure. Below are some of the common causes of burns: .

  • Fire — common examples are injuries causes by barbecues, kitchen related burns, explosions, electrical fires, outdoor fires that grow out of control.

  • Scalding — is an extreme temperature burning and Water is the most common scalding agent. Other substances that can scold include any hot liquid or molten metals.

  • Electricity — exposure to electrical current can cause damage to the skin and muscle tissues by overheating and damaging the tissue.

  • Extreme cold — frostbite and other injuries caused by extreme cold cause the same sort of damage to the skin and other soft tissue structures.

  • Chemicals — common household examples are pool chlorination chemicals, hair treatment chemicals, metal cleaners and various acids; chemical burns are common in schools and workplaces where laboratory work is done, hair salons and on construction sites (electricity and acids for masonry work).

  • Explosions — not as common as other causes of burns, but examples include fireworks, firearms, and car batteries. Explosions can cause heat and chemical-related burning.

Recovering Compensation for Your Northwest Indiana Burn Injuries

The two most common theories of legal liability with respect to burn injuries are: (1) products liability; and (2) negligence. A typical product liability case could be a lighter that explodes, a gas can that has a defect that causes a burn because gas spilled all over the user or many other scenarios. The basis of a products claim is that manufacturer sold a product that is defective. The defect can be a one off or a defect in the design of the product.

The basis of a negligence claim is that the individual or company was careless in some manner that resulted in injury to another person. Under Indiana law, a negligence claim has requirements: the four elements are duty, breach of duty (negligence), causation and injury/damage. In general, every person owes a duty of care to every other person. Thus, if someone is not careful and starts a fire that causes injury, that person can be held liable for negligence.


For more information, call Guy DiMartino Law. Act quickly if you have suffered a burn injury, because it is important that your lawyer immediately gets out and preserves evidence that can be lost or destroyed within weeks.