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As Highway Deaths Decreased Nationwide in 2009 – Indiana Alcohol Related Deaths Increased

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

Michigan City, Indiana lawyer discusses increase in Indiana alcohol related car accident deaths.

Deaths on our nation's highways have decreased to below 1950s levels. NHTSA reported that deaths from car crashes fell 9.7% to 33,808 in 2009 from 37,423 in 2008. The government attributes the improvement to more people using seat belts, more cars having side airbags, and anti-rollover technology in new cars, trucks and SUVs. Additionally, the fact that states, such as Indiana, crack down hard on drunk drivers and the recent gas prices also play a role in the decrease in deaths.

Indiana Drunk Driving Statistics

In 2008, Indiana lost 820 people in car and truck accidents. Alcohol was involved in 206 of 820 fatal car and truck crashes. In 2009, 693 people died in car accidents on Indiana's roads. This was a 15% decrease in fatalities when compared to 2008. Surprisingly, alcohol was involved in 210 of the deaths, which was a 4% increase in alcohol related deaths when compared to 2008.

Keep Indiana's Roads Safe

Please do not drink and drive. When you are on the road, please obey traffic safety rules and show courtesy to drivers around you.