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Advice on Riding Bicycles in the Rain

Guy DiMartino Aug. 23, 2018

Riding a bicycle is an exhilarating way to travel. Using a bike also has a much lower impact on the environment than operating a motor vehicle. There are numerous accidents, however, where riding a bicycle can result in deadly accidents and fatalities. One of the most dangerous bicycling conditions is rain, which can sometimes surprise bicyclists in the middle of a ride. Fortunately, there are some important safety tips that you can follow to avoid being injured or killed while riding a bike in the rain.

Advice # 1 – Wear Adequate Safety Gear

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If you are aware that you will be riding in the rain, it is a wise idea to wear the appropriate safety gear to make sure that you arrive at your destination safely. For example, it is a wise idea to wear a hooded and waterproof jacket while traveling in the rain.

Advice # 2 – Remain Observant of Oil Patches

If you are bicycling in the rain, you should always remain on the lookout for rainbow-colored patches of oil that collect on the road. In many cases, roads become the slipperiest when it first begins to rain, and water combines with oils that coat pavement surfaces creating oil slicks, which can endanger the lives of bicyclists. Because brick, metal, and painted surface can become slippery in the rain, it is also a wise idea for bicyclists to remain watchful of these areas which can result in loss of control of a bicycle.

Advice # 3 – Purchase New Sunglasses

Many regular sunglasses are too dim to wear safely when it rains, but wearing glasses with either clear or yellow lenses can make it easier to see in darker conditions including when it rains. Some bicyclists also place a protective layer on sunglasses to avoid having them fog up while riding in a storm.

Advice # 4 – Use an LED Lamp

Adding an LED to a bicycle can help make it much safer to operate a bicycle in the rain. These lights help increase safety because they increase the chances that a bicyclist will be spotted by other motor vehicle operators while traveling in the dark environments that often result from the rain. Some bicyclists even utilize two lamps with one lamp placed on the handlebars and a second flashing lamp in the rear. Putting fenders on the front and back of a bicycle is also a helpful idea because it reduces the amount of water that splashes up at bicyclists, which can decrease distractions from water sources. Things like glass and nails can also fly up from puddles, but fenders can help to block this debris and prevent accidents.

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