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Advice on Handling a New Bicycle

Guy DiMartino Aug. 21, 2018

Receiving a new bicycle can be an exhilarating experience. No matter if you are beginning to ride again for the first time or have upgraded your bicycle, using a bike as a source of transportation can offer views of your surrounding and a source of exercise that are unparalleled. Unfortunately, learning how to handle a new bicycle can be challenging, and accidents are likely to occur as a person learns how to handle a new bike. This article will review some of the important steps that you can take to avoid being seriously injured while learning how to ride a new bicycle.

Advice # 1 – Consider Riding on the Sidewalk

florida bicycle commuter tipsGuy DiMartino is a Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Florida, with locations in Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Law in Florida allows a bicyclist to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. In many options, including when there is not an available bicycle lane, this might be the best decision. If the sidewalk is filled with pedestrians, however, a bicyclist might decide to ride on the side of the road.

Advice # 2 – Make Sure Your Bicycle Tires Have the Right Amount of Air

Making sure that a bicycle has the right pressure is important for a rider to make sure that a bike is safe to ride. If the pressure is too slow, the bike will feel slow to ride, but if the pressure is too high, the ride will be uncomfortable. While many tires have maximum inflation pressure, it is a better idea to place an amount of pressure that takes your weight and the road conditions into consideration. In some situations, bicycle tires with an improper amount of pressure can result in significant injuries.

Advice # 3 – Operate a Bicycle like a Car

There are some types of bicycle driving patterns that can lead to serious accidents including rushing through intersections, not obeying traffic signals, and driving on the wrong side of the road. None of these patterns, however, are maneuvers that a person who was operating a motor vehicle safely would perform. The best way to avoid the risk of many bicycle accidents is to operate a bicycle as if one was safely driving a car.

Advice # 4 – Wear a Helmet

Both with old and new bikes, it is critical for a person to wear a helmet. If you are involved in a bike accident without a helmet, you can end up facing life-changing injuries. While some people view helmets as not the most stylish thing to wear, wearing a helmet can save your life. It is not enough to wear a helmet, though, you should also make sure that the helmet properly fits your head.

Speak with an Experienced Bike Accident Lawyer

No matter what safety advice you follow, there is always a risk that bicycle accidents can occur. If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle accident and another party is responsible, you should not hesitate to obtain the experienced of a seasoned attorney. Speak with Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA today to obtain the assistance that you need to fight for the results that you deserve.