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Advice on Cycling around Pedestrians

July 24, 2018

Most people who bicycle often spend at least some time riding around pedestrians, who are frequently hard to predict and can end up causing deadly accidents. Fortunately, there are some safety measures that bicyclists can follow to avoid ending up in accidents with pedestrians. These measures, however, will reduce the chances of being involved in a bicycle accident but will not eliminate them. In addition to practicing the safety tips mentioned below, it is a smart idea to obtain the assistance of an experienced bicycle accident attorney who will remain committed to fighting for the results that you deserve.

Advice # 1 – Hook Your Thumbs

It is critical for bicycle riders to remain a firm grasp on a bicycle’s handlebars, which can help the rider maintain balance in case something causes the rider to slightly lose control of their bike. As a result, bicyclists should make sure to wrap their thumbs around the bicycle’s handlebars rather than just placing the rider’s hands across the top of the vehicle’s handlebars.

Advice # 2 – Learn How To Respond to Pedestrians at Intersections

If a pedestrian is crossing the road, a bicyclist is required to stop. This means that bicyclists should avoid raising to pass through an intersection before pedestrians do. This assumes that pedestrians are crossing the road with green lights or stepping off of the curb giving a bicyclist sufficient time in which to react. Bicyclists can also substantially reduce the risk of accidents by never weaving between pedestrians.

Advice # 3 – Remain Focused

It is critical that bicycle riders remain entirely focused on the road. If a bicyclist takes his attention off of the road for even a moment, there is a serious risk that deadly accidents can occur. As part of remaining observant about a person’s surroundings, it is important to use all of your senses to determine whether there are any potential accident risks around you. If there is anything that distracts you from safely operating your bicycle and observing the surroundings, it is often a wise idea to avoid these things.

Advice # 4 – Select the Safest Route Possible

While some routes include lots of traffic and numerous turns, other roads are relatively quiet and do not have any sharp turns. It is almost always a better idea to plan a longer route on safer roads than attempting to travel faster and end up traveling on a more dangerous road. By avoiding the factors that can cause accidents, you can significantly lower your chances of ending up in an accident involving not just a pedestrian but many other hazards on the road.

Speak with An Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney

These are just some of the important steps that bicyclists can take to avoid the risks of ending up in pedestrian accidents. If you or a loved one is involved in a serious pedestrian accident, however, it is a wise idea to contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney. Do not hesitate to contact Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA today for assistance.