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Questions You Will Hear At Your Social Security Disability Hearing

If your disability claim is set for a hearing before the Social Security judge, it's a good idea to prepare for the types of questions that you will be asked. Here are the categories of questions that the administrative law judge may ask you.

If your case is based on a physical condition, you will be asked:

  • The amount of time that you can sit without having to take a break?
  • The amount of time you can  stand without having to take a break?
  • How long you can sit throughout the day?
  • The number of breaks that you would have to take throughout the day?
  • How much can you lift and what can you lift?
  • How many times you can lift the object?
  • Your activities of daily living including you ability to dress and bathe yourself?
  • Can you do your own grocery shopping?
  • What kind of tasks can you perform around the house?
  • You may also hear a question that asks you to do a sedentary job, like if you were required to sit or stand at a table and put pencils in a box?
  • Why couldn't you perform that job or task? 

The benefit of preparing for these types of questions is that you are not thrown for a loop when you hear them from the judge. If you have any questions about a Social Security disability claim, you could always give me a call. 


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