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Negligent Security Attorney In Michigan City, Indiana

Indiana law allows recovery for injuries caused by a criminal act of a third party on a landowner's property if the injured person can show the store, bank, parking facility, mall or casino owed the person a duty of care. The determination of whether a business or property owner owes the injury person a duty of care depends on the totality of the circumstances and whether the crime was foreseeable. Some of the things that we have to look at include the nature of the criminal act, the location of the land, the condition of the land and prior similar acts.

Types of Negligent Security Cases

  • A customer is robbed outside of a grocery store

  • A customer is assaulted in a parking garage

  • A break in to your hotel or motel room

  • A customer is robbed coming out of a casino

  • A customer is beat up in the parking lot of a bar

  • A customer is shot in a bar

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If you believe that you or a family member have been a victim of a crime on business property, an apartment complex, or a private residence, you should contact an Indiana premises liability lawyer ASAP because evidence needs to be gathered immediately. If you have any questions regarding civil liability for criminal acts, call Guy DiMartino Law, or fill out the internet consultation below.