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Laporte Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawyer | 3 Signs That You May Be A Victim Of Malpractice

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Oct 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

LaPorte Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains the 3 signs that you may be a victim of malpractice

There was a bad outcome and you are concerned that that medical malpractice occurred.  The following are three signs suggesting  you may be a victim medical malpractice:

  1. A doctor or somebody in the hospital made an error in the care and treatment of the patient.  Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are required to adhere to certain standards in providing care to patients. Medical errors can have serious consequences for patients and are deemed negligence when the healthcare provider fails to conform to accepted standards of care and treatment.
  2. A patient was injured or killed because of an error made by a healthcare provider.  Errors made by healthcare providers can lead to serious injuries for patients. Disfigurement, disability, or pain caused by a medical injury may be grounds to file a medical malpractice claim.
  3. A patient has suffered damages as a result of an error made by a healthcare provider.  Damages in medical malpractice cases may be physical, financial, or psychological.

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