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Indiana bicycle accident lawyer – avoiding the right cross accident

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Apr 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

If you ride bikes, the scariest moment is when you come up on a vehicle that is making a right hand turn from a parking lot or side street.   Many times,  these drivers look right past or through you.

You should follow these four steps to avoid these “right cross” type of accidents:

  • Make eye contact with the driver.  In the summer this can be difficult because many drivers wear sunglasses.
  • Wave to the driver.  The act of waiving will cause a disrupt in the driver's eye pattern and cause her to see  you.  Remember most drivers are not looking for bicycles but they are looking for other cars and trucks.
  • If there are no cars behind you, move the left a few feet.  This will allow you to move into the driver's field of vision and add a stimulus to the driver's visual field.
  • Listen to your gut.  If you feel that the driver is not seeing you STOP. Your life is more important than getting to your destination a few minutes sooner.

If you have any questions about an Indiana bicycle accident, call (219) 874-4878.   

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