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How Long Might A Motorcycle Accident Case Take?

There is no way to predict how long it will take to settle a case, because there's no rhyme or reason to the process. The two biggest factors are whether there is a dispute over the facts of the accident, in lawyer talk, a dispute over liability.

The second factor that can affect the length of time a case takes has to do with the nature and extent of the injuries and how long the injured person needs to be treated. If there's enough insurance available, you probably don't want to settle a case if the client is still treating or needs additional treatment, because once you settle the case, the opposing party's insurance company won't pay you additional money if you need more medical care.

After a Motorcycle Accident, Should See a Doctor or a Lawyer First?

Always see a doctor first, because your health is the most important thing. Besides, if your first stop is a lawyer's office, and the insurance company or jury finds out, it looks bad. People always cop an attitude when it can be inferred that the lawyer convinced you to file a claim.

Most people injured in a motorcycle accident need immediate treatment, whether it's for a road rash, broken bones, internal injuries or even a head injury, whether or not they were wearing a helmet. In any accident involving a motorcycle, there are many health concerns, because you don't have the protection of a 3,000 to 5,000 pound car or truck.

Should I Keep a Journal Following a Motorcycle Accident?

Journals are not usually a great idea, because the court can require that you give it to the defense, which gives the defense lawyer ammunition to go after the client. If you have 25 pages in which you say everything you did after the accident, the defense attorney can ask you 15 questions about every entry during a deposition, and they could possibly find something they can use that way. By keeping a journal, you're doing their job for them.

As far as I'm concerned, I prefer that the client reports everything to me and lets me keep that information, because the information is then protected under attorney-client privilege. That's the case even if you don't hire the first attorney you speak with. Every lawyer you talk to is covered by attorney-client privilege and everything you say to the lawyer is protected.

Will an Expired or Suspended Driver's License Hurt My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

As a general rule, it shouldn't matter whether or not you were licensed or not at the time of the accident, whether it's a motorcycle accident or a car accident, and such information is not admissible at trial. There are some exceptions to the general rule in some places, especially with regard to a young, inexperienced driver, where the lack of experience may be a cause of the accident.

However, if you've been driving for 10-15 years, whether or not you've had speeding tickets or your license was suspended or revoked for something will not come into evidence, because the prior tickets or suspended license has nothing to do with the facts of the specific accident. Whether or not you had a license is irrelevant to the fact that a guy crashed into you.

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