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How Long Can An OWI Case Potentially Last?

They could last for anything from one day to a few years.

How Will Someone Know How Long Their Case Would Take?

This would depend on how badly the conviction might affect the person. The attorney might need to continue the case for a long time for a number of reasons. The attorney might not able to negotiate an agreement, or the court's trial calendar may be congested; there are many different factors that can delay a case.  It may be more advantageous for some people if their case was continued out for a long period of time, whereas for other people it might not be.

Why Would It Be More Advantageous?

It might be more advantageous to have a case continued out for a period of time if a conviction could affect the person's work. A person's travel plans might not be affected for as long as a case is pending as opposed to being convicted. When someone is on probation, their traveling is limited so they do not have the same freedoms they would have if they were not on probation.

Someone might want their case to be continued out if they might have a vacation coming up because it might be easier to get permission from the court to permit them to travel while on bond as opposed to while on probation.

What Warrants Probation?

Probation is technically a matter of grace that the court permits, which basically means that instead of going to jail, the person would be on probation. This means that they would meet with a probation officer and would be subject to the rules of probation.

A person on probation would not be permitted to consume alcohol, go to bars or even travel outside the state without permission from the probation officer or the judge. They would be required to submit to random alcohol and drug testing that the probation department is equipped for or they can even come and visit the person at their home if they have the staff available and the person would have to comply. The person's freedoms would be limited.

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