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How do I get my medical bills paid after an Indiana car accident?

How do I get my medical bills paid after a car accident?

In the end, the negligent driver's insurance company will pay for the reasonable and necessary medical expenses.  However, you are responsible for your medical bills as you receive treatment for your injuries. The following is a list of potential sources for payment of your medical bills:

  • Medical payments coverage through your auto insurance. Look at your policy or declaration of insurance and see if you have medical payments coverage.  Many policies have $1,000 – $10,000 in med-pay available.
  • Health Insurance – if you have health insurance it will pay for your medical expenses.
  • Medicare or Medicaid – if you do not have coverage under the your auto insurance – Medicare and/or Medicaid will pay for your expenses.
  • Payment plan – if you have no coverage available, you may have to ask your doctor's office to hold the bill until your case is resolved or make periodic payments on the account.

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