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General Information

Whether your were involved in a rear-end or head-on crash, all car accident claims follow the same law. Even if the other driver tells you at the scene that it was his or her fault, you still have to provide evidence supporting your claim. Specifically, you have to show that the other driver was (1) negligent -at fault for the crash; and (2) that you were injured as a result of the accident.

A serious LaPorte County car accident can cause severe physical limitations but also cause personal set backs. If you are faced with these difficulties, you are entitled to compensation to make you whole. The key to adequate compensation is documenting and preserving all available evidence. If you are physically able, you should document and preserve the following as soon as practicable. 

  • Damage to the vehicles (this can be by photos or video); 
  • The accident scene (this can be by photos or video); 
  • Visible injuries to your body (this can be by photos or video); 
  • Any witness contact information; 

Initially, even if you don't think that you would like to make a claim, preserving the above evidence will make sure that you preserve your rights should something happen down the line. 

Car accident claims have a number of facets. You will have to deal with body shops, insurance companies, health care providers, and potentially bill collectors. Additionally, you may also worry about your future and the value of your potential claim: