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Free Resources

We have provided links to free resources that can help you with your personal injury claim.

Car Accidents 

If you would like to handle your car accident claim by yourself, the best resource for you would be to download a copy of our free book – A Guide to Indiana Car Accident Claims. In this book, we explain the car accident claims from the time of the accident until final appeal after trial. If you prefer an actual physical copy of the book call (219) 690-8897. 

If you are a Medicare beneficiary you need to report your claim to Medicare Coordination of Benefits or Call 1-855-798-2627.

Premises Liability Accidents 

A premises liability claim will include a slip and fall, trip and fall other injury on commercial or residential property.

If you are planning on handling your own claim, you can download a free copy of our book explaining premises liability claims.

One of the difficulties in premises liability claims is finding the owner of the property. You can search online for property owners in LaPorte County right here.

Getting your Medical Records

In recent years, most healthcare providers have electronic medical records. Under the HiTech Act you can request an electronic copy of your records for low cost. If the healthcare provider attempts to give you paper records the cost of getting your medical records can range into the hundreds of dollars. They charge you a per page fee.

If you need to request your hospital records from Franciscan St. Anthony Michigan City.

If you need to request  your hospital records from IU LaPorte Hospital.

If you need to request your hospital records from Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso or Portage.

If you need to request your medical records from Franciscan Physicians. You will need to go the actual facility that you received care and request an authorization. For instance if you saw an Orthopedic Surgeon at Franciscan on Coolspring and Woodland, you will need to pick one up.