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Do People Get Arrested And Charged With A Drug Charge Because They Had Marijuana?

Sure. If an officer requested a blood test, marijuana or THC would show up in their blood system. An opioid or benzodiazepine would show up in the person's system too. A blood test would show the presence of these drugs, unlike a breath test, so they would just need to have an officer who was aware enough and trained to recognize people impaired by drugs rather than alcohol.

Some officers go through more training with respect to that, and they are called DREs (Drug Recognition Experts). Once they have been trained for that, then in theory they would be more adept to recognizing a person impaired by drugs or even alcohol.

Do They Subject Drug Users To The Same Sort Of Field Sobriety Tests?

Yes. They can perform different tests that are more targeted or specific to people who might be impaired by drugs rather than alcohol, and there are different signs they might look for, like whether the pupils were dilated or constrictive, whether the person was sweating or if their face was flushed or things of that nature that might indicate drugs instead of alcohol.

Are There Any Special Times Of The Year When People Receive More DUIs?

Every geographical location has its iniquities, so during the summer in Michigan or in Northwest Indiana, there are more people going to the beach and more people outside as opposed to wintertime. These people get arrested for operating while intoxicated during the winter as well, but typically people go out more when there is better weather, more festivals going on, more backyard barbeques going on and things like that, also obviously more people go out on holidays.

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