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Michigan City, Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member has been injured in a Michigan City, Indiana car accident, Guy DiMartino Law can help you. We truly understand the havoc that can occur as result of being in a serious auto crash.  We are committed to helping our fellow Michigan City accident victims receive fair and just compensation that they are entitled to receive under Indiana law.

Making a bodily injury claim can be complicated and scary if you do not know your rights.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash in Northwest Indiana, call our Michigan City personal injury lawyer Guy S. DiMartino for legal assistance at (219) 690-8897 for a free consultation.

Indiana Car Accident Statistics

In 2010, Indiana had 192,980 traffic accidents that resulted in injury or property damage.  Of these accidents, 701 were fatal and 754 people died in the crashes.  The economic costs of these 192,980 crashes exceeded 4.4 billion dollars. Our area of the state including Lake, Porter, Newton, LaPorte, St. Joseph and Marshall counties reported worse occurrences than other parts of the stated. Depending on the facts of accident, you may have sustained a variety of injuries.  Injuries such as broken bones or deep cuts are easily seen. Other injuries like neck and back injuries, herniated spinal discs, knee injuries and internal injuries to your heart or lungs, are not as easily seen and could be life threatening. Only a doctor can evaluate and treat your injuries so you should not wait to seek medical attention.

Handling the Indiana Insurance Company After A Car Accident

Many people mistakenly believe that car accident claims are routine.  This belief is just not true and each and every day, these claims get more and more complex.  Every car accident is unique because the facts of each accident and every person are different.  Our Michigan City, Indiana personal injury lawyer understands that your car crash can have many causes including the negligence of the other driver, a problem with the roadway or a mechanical defect with the vehicle.

The insurance companies want injured people to believe that handling a car accident claim is simple and you don't need a lawyer's assistance to resolve the claim.  You should know, however, that insurance adjusters are trained in handling auto accident claims and reducing the amount of a potential settlement. The way to keep the insurance company in check is to have an experienced Michigan City, Indiana personal injury lawyer on your side.  A 2004 study by the Insurance Research Council showed that on average automobile claimant that hired a car accident lawyer received a settlement that was three to three and a half times better than they would have on their own.  (2004-Insurance Research Study).   Remember, if the insurance company wins – you lose!

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If you have any questions about a potential Indiana car accident case, call Guy DiMartino Law at (219) 690-8897 or fill out the contact box to the right for an internet consultation.


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