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Are There Any Differences Between Men And Women For OWI Arrests?

Yes. Scientifically, women become intoxicated or develop a higher blood alcohol or alcohol concentration equivalent earlier than men, which is just science because alcohol travels through the water in the person's body. There is an old saying that “Water and alcohol are the Romeo and Juliet of chemistry”, because they have an affinity for each other and they mix well.

Biologically, women tend to have a smaller amount of water in their bodies than men, because women are biologically developed to be able to bear children, they have more adipose tissue or fat and less water in their bodies. With less water in the body, the alcohol concentration will be higher.

Do The Courts Treat Women Any Differently?

No, not in my experience.

Do Police Officers Treat Women Any Differently?

People only come to me after they have been arrested. I am sure many people have heard stories of the good old days where an officer might just pull someone over, let them get a ride home, just drive the person home or even follow them home instead of arresting them, but those days are over. There is so much more public awareness today with respect to drunk driving.

There is also the issue of liability, because if a police officer did not arrest that person and they then hurt someone by way of being intoxicated while in operation of a vehicle, then that could result in a lawsuit against the police  officer or  police department.

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