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Michigan City IN Truck Accident Lawyer |The Complexity In Semi-Truck Accidents

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Oct 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Michigan City IN truck accident lawyer explains the complexity involved in semi-truck accident cases.

Semi-Truck Accidents Vs. Car Accidents

Semi-truck accidents are different than car accident because there are many different players.  Many times the tractor is owned by a leasing company and the driver is actually purchasing the tractor.   Also, the trailer may be owned by another entity and there can also be issues with the materials that the truck is carrying.   With all these people or business involved, an injured party is more likely to get the run around as the parties try to avoid liability and save money.   Overlaying all this is Federal trucking law, which puts a number of requirements on truck owners and drivers.  These federal records are very important when pursuing a case, and as time goes on the information has a tendency to be destroyed.

Semi-truck accidents can get more complicated if the accident occurred in Northwest Indiana because our Interstate Highways, I-94, the Indiana Toll Road, I-80 and I-65 are major highways for trucks to travel across the country.  So imagine this scenario, the truck driver lives in Missouri, the tractor is owned by a company in New York and the trailer is leased through an Illinois company.

Indiana Truck Accident Law Is Complex

The average person may not need a lawyer for a simple car accident; however, every injured person needs a lawyer to assist them with a truck accident case because these  claims are much more complicated.

A person injured in an Indiana truck accident may be compensated for hospital and medical expenses, lost wages or loss the ability to earn money in the future, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. To file a claim, you should get the professional help of a Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyer. 

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