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A Young Woman Is Killed In An I-65 Car Accident In Crown Point

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Oct 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Michigan City, Indiana car accident lawyer discusses a recent article detailing the death of a woman in a one car accident.

According to the Northwest Indiana Times, a 21 year old Wheatfield woman died in a one car accident on Interstate 65 in Crown Point, Indiana.

The Accident Facts

  • The car was traveling northbound on I-65
  • The driver was distracted
  • The driver drove off of the roadway
  • The driver over-corrected when she drove off of the roadway
  • Because of the over-correction the car veered out of control and flipped
  • The driver was ejected from the car and died

It is terrible when somebody so young with her whole life to live dies in a car accident.Driver distraction and over-correction or over-steering are common causes in fatal car accidents. In 2009, 33 people died in Indiana because of distraction and over-correction. Also, the driver was not wearing her seat belt. Research shows that seat belt use stops the occupant of the car from being ejected preventing serious injury or death.

Our hearts go out to the family of Ms. Tilley.

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