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Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD - Lawyer • Joan M. DiMartino, MBA, EA - Office Mgr.

The emotional, physical and financial issues of having to deal with a serious injury or wrongful death claim because of an accident can be great. Medical bills, loss of work, and funeral expenses can mount and become overwhelming. The bright spot is that you do not have to walk this road by yourself. Indiana personal injury lawyer Guy S. DiMartino is dedicated to protecting your legal rights. He uses his experience and knowledge of medicine, healthcare, and the law to help accident victims get the compensation that they deserve.

Understanding Your Indiana Legal Rights Following an Accident

Many accident victims and their families do not truly understand their legal rights. Often they receive advice from well meaning friends or family members and many times this advice is just plain wrong. Some folks have a tendency to get intimidated or confused when dealing with insurance adjusters who are focused on saving the insurance company money by under settling or denying a valid personal injury claim.  If you hire a personal injury lawyer, you will not have to speak to or deal with the insurance adjusters.  We will help you understand your legal rights, and assist you through the maze of getting your vehicle fixed, medical bills paid, dealing with employment issues and counseling you on the most effective way to resolve your claim.

We know that you have many choices when hiring a Michigan City car accident attorney

Our Understanding of Your Injuries and Medical Treatment is the Key!

The main part of pursuing a successful personal injury claim is understanding the client's injuries, medical treatment and being able to explain the nature and extent of the injuries an insurance adjuster or jury.  Guy S. DiMartino is different than most personal injury lawyers because he had a deep understanding of the medicine involved in our clients injuries.  Our knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, as well as the law, allows us to bridge the gap between law and medicine that many attorneys simply cannot do.  It is one thing to have knowledge of a medical condition, it is another thing to actually have diagnosed and/or treated the injury.

Why is this in depth understanding of medicine and injuries so important?

Because a complete understanding of a client's medical condition helps us maximize the client's financial compensation.    We will often consult with medical experts all over the country in order find the most appropriate physician to analyze our client's case.  These physicians may review medical records, perform specialized examination, assess the client's post accident status and testify on behalf of the client.


Not every person injured in an accident needs an attorney.  Sometimes the injured person will be able to handle the matter on their own and receive a fair settlement.  However, every injured person needs to have reliable information whether they hire an attorney or not.  If you've been injured in an accident you may have some questions like the following:

This website answers the questions that you may have regarding your accident and injury claim.  Also, you can request a copy of our free consumer books that will answer these questions and many more.  Just fill out the contact form to the right.  We are always available for a free consultation, just call (219) 690-8997 or you can fill our the contact form with your question.  Whatever you do, do not sign any insurance company forms until you have reviewed the information on this website or reviewed our books.


Some injury victims do not need a lawyer to assist them with their claim.  You may not need a lawyer if your claim has the following characteristics:

  • Limited damage to your car
  • No dispute over who was at fault for the accident
  • You received a simple strain that will resolve in 4 to 6 weeks

You may need a lawyer to assist you – if your claim has the following characteristics:

  • There is a dispute over who is at fault for the accident
  • Severe damage to the vehicles
  • Severe injuries
  • You feel overwhelmed by the process
  • The insurance company is disputing that are injured or is questioning the need for medical treatment
  • The insurance company is trying to get you to settle your claim when you have not completed your medical treatment
  • You feel the insurance adjuster is harassing you
  • The insurance company wants you to see one of their doctors
  • The insurance adjuster keeps on telling you that you do not need a lawyer
  • Somebody died in the accident

Consult with a Michigan City, Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Guy DiMartino Law is available to answer any questions that you may have regarding a LaPorte County car accident or personal injury claim. Call us at (219) 690-8997.  Additionally, we offer free informational books that will answer many of the misconceptions that people have regarding accident claims.

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