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5 tips to prevent Indiana dog bite injuries

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Sep 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

Did you know that last year almost 6,000 letter carriers were attacked by dogs.

Here are the five ways to avoid bite bites:

Number 1: Never leave a baby or a small child alone with a dog. Sometimes children just don't realize that they may startle or hurt a dog provoking a bite.

Number 2: Pay attention to the dog's body language, which provides clues that he is uncomfortable. The signs are a tensed body, stiff tail, ears are pulled back, showing their teeth or intense staring.

Number 3: If it looks like a dog is going to attack don't scream or run away. Stay still with your hands at your side. Once the dog loses attention, slowly back away – don't turn your back to the dog.

Number 4: If the dog attacks feed him another object if possible. This can be a jacket, purse, or if you have the ability to put an object, like a bike (not your little brother, between you and the dog do so. If you are pushed or fall to the ground, curl up in a ball and put your hands over your head and stay still.

Number 5: If you are bitten by a dog. Wash the wound with soap and water and get immediate medical attention.

If you would like to learn more specifics about Indiana dog bite claims – click here.

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